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  1. Practice Room ("Riyaz Ghar")
    We provide rooms for students for their consistent practice (Riyaz) under the guidance of experienced music teachers.

  2. Monthly Music Concerts and Workshops
    We organize Music Concerts and workshops of teachers and guest Musicians to understand practical application of Music.

  3. Music Museum
    We have a collection of Musical Instruments, books and recordings.

  4. Educational CDs , VCDs and Books
    Mr. Sanjay Karandikar has written Educational books. He has also prepared CDs and VCDs, to help students to prepare for the various music exams and following day to day practice sessions.

  5. Self appraisal for Students
    Facility for Audio-Video recording of student's Riyaz (Practice) and performance, to improve their learning.

  6. Musical Programs - An Educational Initiative
    Since 5th May 2004, 'Keertan to Pop Music', a project for students, parents and Music lovers has been started. This includes introduction to various music forms such as Indian Folk, Classical and Light Music well as Western Music.

  7. Student's Gatherings
    Student's get actual experience of presenting their art before audiences.

  8. Trips for Students
    We organize trips for students which help to open informal channels of communication among students and teachers.

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