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Swar-Taal Sadhana is a Pune based music school established in 1993 by renowned Tabla and Dholki artist Shri. Sanjay Karandikar. With a constant effort and endeavour to spread Music, Art and Culture around the globe Swar-Taal Sadhana believes in 'Sangeetam Vishwa Samwad Saadhanam' i.e Music is the most powerful medium to unite the people and create an environment of love and peace. You are never too old to learn music, all you need to follow your passion is to break boundaries and here we are to nurture your hidden talent.
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   We teach Hindustani Light, Semi and Classical Vocal and melody instruments such as Harmonium, Bansuri, Mouth Organ, Guitar Synthesizer (Casio) and percussion instruments such as Tabla, Dimdi, Dholki, Dholak etc., Students are taught on the basis of One-to-One and group classes in the institute. We also conduct online music classes.

Features : 

  1. Musical aptitude test and guidance to choose the appropriate music branch.

  2. Music Consecration - 'Sangeet Sanskar' is a special batch conducted for children between age four to six, as an introduction to Music. 

  3. We prepare students for Classical Vocal, Harmonium, Bansuri and Tabla the examinations held by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal.

  4. Certified courses for Folk, Light and Semi Classical Music (Vocal, Synthesizer, Guitar, Mouth Organ, Dimdi, Dholak and Dholaki) by Swar-Taal Sadhana. 

  5. Educational books (with audio visual aids) based on examination syllabuses

  6. Guidance regarding musical presentation and accompaniment. 

  7. Interactive workshops and Let-dems by eminent musicians.

  8. Music Educational programs as an Introduction to various musical forms.

  9. Performance opportunities for budding artists.

  10. Guidance regarding career in Music.

Music Consecration batch

(Sangeet Sanskar) for Kids

Bansuri / Flute

Synthesizer (Casio)

Light,Semi & Classical Vocal (For Ladies and Gents

Mouth Organ




Dimdi, Dholki & Dholak

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